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Genius Showcase 12/14 - Facing History

These kids have worked hard in our Genius Club.  Genius Showcase - Facing History.pptx Quinn Kathrineberg English - 9th Grade T-STEM Optional Program East High School
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Student Leadership Group Meets for Annual Conference

Four East High students joined high school students all across Memphis for Facing History's annual Student Leadership Group Conference.  Freshmen Maia Cook, Ariyanna Beecher, Sophomore Madeline Flack, and Junior Piper Warmbrod engaged with other students around the topic of voter re-engagement. Throughout the day, we talked about the history of voting through discussion about the Reconstruction Era, the Suffrage Movement, and The Civil Rights Movement. We discussed ideas around voting, voting identity, and why people vote or decide not to vote. The highlight of the day was hearing from Lynda Lowery, who was the youngest person to march from Selma to Montgomery at 15 years old. She has published a book titled Turning 15 On the Road to Freedom: My Story on the 1965 Selma Voting Rights March. It was powerful to hear her first-hand account of what it was like to march.  In the next few weeks, students will create a video about why voting is impor

Sonny Boy

Run, run, run.